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Here is guidance from NC Wildlife Commission on what to do if you if find an injured animal.  

 Injured and Orphaned Wildlife (

MCWCC OBJECTIVES For managing our 81.24 acres

  • To look for opportunities to restore and enhance the longleaf pine/wiregrass community on the farm.

  • To Maintain, protect, and enhance the scenic value of the club [and neighborhood].

  • To enhance forest conditions for wildlife health and species diversity and abundance by maintaining or creating a forest of diverse habitat types and conditions.

  • To protect and preserve water quality and maintain adequate riparian forest buffers.

  • To create a system of hiking trails for enjoyment of [visitors] and club members.

  • To protect the club’s structures and shooting ranges, and to preserve the primitive Boy Scout camping site.

  • The club advocates conservation, restoration, wise management and utilization of wildlife and other natural resources in Moore County, the state and national.

1820 Camp Easter Road
Southern Pines, NC 28327
(910) 221-7231

Moore County Wildlife And Conservation Club

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